paranormal-pumpkin-patch asked: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10? (I hope none of these are weird I didn't look at them O_O)

1: I’m pansexual uwu

2: What I’m bad at? Socializing

3: My moirail’s in a god damn death hug we give to each other <>

4: I’ve only had one first date with someone, and all we really did was hang out at the mall ^^ It was a group date and was fun though! :3

5: My self-esteem makes as much sense as the effects of the Wabbajack. I dunno what it’s like sometimes.

6: innuendorose (moirail <>), durplebunbun (younger sister), platinumspeed (other moirail), mercutie-oh , maiainfangirlmode (third moirail [i have a lot of moirails XD]), you (fourth moirail) and i think that’s about it so far :3c

7: D O N T  M A K E  M E  C H O O S E  Q w Q (i have a lot of favorites)

8: Uh….I don’t know????

9: The most fabulous boy you will ever meet <>

10: Hm…I like felines and canines, mainly, but I also like many different bird species too :D Mainly birds of prey, though. Their wings are amazing to look at~

(nah bro, it’s all good XD)